How many families can say they have competed together in organized team sports? Not many, but the Curry family shows how its done.

We caught up with Crystal Curry (the mom) to talk about her family dynamic and the experience of playing GRID 6 together. Inspiring stuff! The Currys bring a whole new meaning to #SquadGoals

— ————————-

FGL – What is a quick bio of each family member? 

Crystal –

Daughter Hannah Curry, 18, been doing crossfit for 4 years


Father Kyle Curry, 40, been doing crossfit for 4 years


Mother Crystal Curry, 39, been doing crossfit for 2 years now. I am interning to be coach at Crossfit Cape Coral.



FGL – Could you briefly describe your family dynamic?  –  

Crystal – We are a pretty active family of 4. Our 15 year old son Noah has Cerebral Palsy and is non verbal so we all try and stay strong so we can lift him. Dinner conversation usually is all about our workouts for that day. I wouldn’t say we are obsessed just dedicated


FGL – How were you each introduced to GRID and/or GRID 6?

Crystal – Friends from our box competed (in GRID 6 Fort Myers) and it looked like a blast


FGL – (Parents) What was it like competing together on a GRID 6 team?

Crystal – All the different personalities were interesting but when it was go time we all did what needed to done and loved every second of it


FGL – What was it like competing AGAINST one another (Parents vs Child)?

Crystal – It was a really cool feeling- especially when we were racing at the same time. Of course we wanted her to do great but we also wanted to beat her  🙂

We did beat her team in at least one race- but ended up placing 4th and her team placed 3rd – it was a lot of fun. She knows now not to count the old people out 🙂


FGL – What is your favorite part about GRID?

Crystal – The speed of the races. Love how mental it gets right before you hear “race”


FGL – What have you learned from the experience of playing GRID? In general, but also about each other?

Crystal – That you can go harder and faster when it is race time.  We always do whatever it takes to get things done


FGL – Do you have any goals upcoming (athletically or otherwise) that our audience should be aware of?

Crystal – I would personally like to get stronger and compete in more RX competitions and eventually go up to the AA division next time we do a Grid 6 Competition. I would also like to be on a team with my daughter. I would love to rep for Vesl Recover the chocolate protein is yummy and I would also love to be  more involved with FlGrid league-  also would love to remove the “ intern” coach from my title at Crossfit Cape Coral – all in due time!



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