The Atlantic GRID League is excited to announce Griffin Roelle, CrossFit Games athlete (2018) from CrossFit Dwala and a top prospect for the 2020 Florida GRID League (FGL) season, is participating in the GRID 6 South Carolina II event at Carolina CrossFit on March 21st, 2020. We sat down with Griffin and were able to ask him some questions about GRID.

AGL: How did you hear about GRID?
GR: “My dad was friends with a guy that was involved in GRID back in 2015, and happened to hear about it from him. He called and was like, ‘you should get into it.’ But then, I kind of got off it because I wanted to go to the [CrossFit] Games, so I didn’t get into it.”

AGL: Why did you do the GRID Trials?
GR: “I just happened to see the FGL’s post saying, ‘Hey there’s GRID Trials, you can make some money doing some workouts, takes 20-seconds, why not?’ So, I decided to sign up, and make some money… I didn’t know, really, what it was for, at the time. Afterward, I just happened to get some messages from teams about being a part of the FGL.”

AGL: Why do you want to participate in the GRID 6 SCII on March 21st at Carolina CrossFit?
GR: “I mean, it’d be fun! Why not? Go test some specialist stuff, move some barbells, go fast. I mean, I’m really good at doing that. That’s what football was, 6-seconds of going as hard as you can, right? For me, I’m so fast twitch that I like things to be done really, really quickly. Have a goal, it’s super short, go as fast as can and do it. I think it’ll be fun to do with 6 people and I’ve never done GRID. I think it’d be a fun opportunity to get some experience.”

Whether this is your first time or you’re a veteran, novice or elite, specialist or utility player, there’s a little something for everyone on the GRID.

Come out on March 21st to compete with Griffin and experience the fun, fast-paced, and excitement of GRID for yourself! We’ll see you there! Click the link to get registered!