GRID 6 SC II – Mirror




All players enter the GRID and lift the respective male and female barbells in Quadrant One – either one player may lift the barbell, or their gender-specific teammates may ‘rack’ the bar for the working player.  If the teammates rack the bar, the first rep must start from an upright and locked position.  Only one player may touch the barbell during a rep.

Once the barbell leaves the ground, it may not touch the ground until all work by both gender groups is complete in the 4th quadrant.  If the barbell is dropped before work is complete, the entire team must return to behind the start line before returning to the barbells and picking up where they left off.

Each quadrant requires a certain amount of reps to be completed before moving on.  Both male and female groups must complete that number of reps within each quadrant.  Once both genders are complete, they may move the barbell to the next quadrant.  Males may not move before females and vice versa.  Reps do not have to be synchronized between males and females.

See an example of a Mirror race here. NOTE watch the transition and how to move the barbell between quadrants most effectively.   Also – the rule of men and women needing to stay within 1 rep of each other is no longer valid.



Hang Clean Bar weight

7 per quadrant
Female: 65 lbs
Male: 115 lbs


Hang Clean Bar weight

7 per quadrant
Female: 115 lbs
Male: 165 lbs


Hang Clean Bar weight

7 per quadrant
Female: 135 lbs
Male: 205 lbs


Movement standards.


  • Player must elevate the barbell from above the knee to the shoulders, achieving a front rack position.
  • The first rep may be taken directly from the ground
  • Player may use any form of clean (i.e., muscle, power, full, split or continental)
  • The clean is complete when Player successfully achieves a fully standing position:
  1. barbell under control in the front rack position
  2. both elbows in the frontal plane of the barbell
  3. Player’s feet stationary, parallel and within shoulder width
  4. hips fully open
  5. knees locked out
  6. heels on the ground