What is GRID?

It is a true team sport where players accomplish feats of fitness in a game consisting of several short, fast, and extremely exciting races.  Men and women compete together on the same team and players showcase their strengths as their role on their team.


GRID 6 SC – RACE 3 – Ladder

GRID 6 SC – RACE 5 – Thruster Ladder Race 5 of 9. Individuals accumulate points for their team... moving down the GRID.     RACE RULES:The goal of the Ladder is to accumulate as many points as possible, as a team, within 2.5 minutes.Each lane will have 4 male...

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GRID 6 SC – RACE 3 – Echo

GRID 6 SC – RACE 3&4 – Echo Race 3 of 9.        RACE RULES: One male and one female will enter the GRID at the start of the race.  Either male or female may begin first.  If the female starts, she deadlifts the bar while the male waits.  When a switch...

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GRID 6 SC – RACE 2 – Mirror

GRID 6 SC – RACE 2 – mirror Race 2 of 9. 7 reps of squats must be performed by each gender in each quadrant... moving down the GRID.     RACE RULES: All players enter the GRID and lift the respective male and female barbells in Quadrant One – either one player...

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GRID 6 SC – RACE 1 – Partner Forward

GRID 6 SC – RACE 1 – PARTNER FORWARD Race 1 of 9. Reps increase in difficulty, and decrease in reps... moving down the GRID. Quadrant 1 - 9 Snatches / 9 Box Jump Over Quadrant 2 - 7 Snatches / 7 Box Jump Over Quadrant 3 - 5 Snatches / 5 Box Jump Over Quadrant 4 - 3...

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GRID vs CrossFit [Updated 2019]

[2019 update] - Our opinion is that the recent changes at CrossFit are indicitive of two things that are summed up in the original version of this article: 1. The competition aspect of CrossFit is not the primary focus of CrossFit (that one is obvious).  2. CrossFit...

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